Petro to present list for Colombians abroad to vote

 (Prensa Latina) Presidential pre-candidate Gustavo Petro on Friday will present in Barcelona the list of the Historic Pact to the House of Representatives for Colombians abroad in the face of the March legislative election in Colombia.

Barcelona, “one of the most libertarian cities in the world, artistic and urban avant-garde and, in my reading memories, the headquarters of a revolution that inspired democratic humanity. The campaign in the world of the Historic Pact will begin there. I am waiting for you,” he said recently.

The meeting in Barcelona will take place at the Cocheras de Sants Civic Center, according to the invitation made on his social media.

Petro also invited Colombians living outside their country to register their identity cards in order to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming elections.

Legislative elections in Colombia will take place on March 13 to elect 100 senators, 166 representatives to the Chamber of Deputies and 16 representatives to the Special Transitional Peace Constituencies.

All polls indicate that Petro, leader of the Historical Pact, a pluralist and left-wing coalition, is the frontrunner, in spite of the smear campaign carried out by the right-wing sector.

There are 34,465 Colombian nationals living in Barcelona in at least 83 municipalities.

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