Health Commission to investigate drug shortages for patients with catastrophic illnesses in Ecuador

With five votes in favor, the National Assembly’s Legislative Administration Council (CAL) ordered the Health Commission to initiate an investigation into the lack of essential drugs for patients with catastrophic, rare and orphan diseases in the country.

In the session of this Friday, December 3, the CAL received the National coordinator for the Alliance for Health, Gustavo Dávila, and Rafael Palacios, president of the Association of Children with Cancer, who agreed that this fact should be investigated, so that the government take immediate action to face this shortage of drugs.

The representative of children with cancer requested that an audit be made of the resources allocated for the care of this vulnerable group of the population. Meanwhile, Gustavo Dávila assured that the high cost of the drugs prevents patients from acquiring them and said that the authorities’ measures are slow.

For her part, the president of CAL and the Legislature, Guadalupe Llori stated that “the Assembly will make the decisions that are incumbent upon it, within the framework of its constitutional and legal powers, to responsibly face the processes aimed at guaranteeing the timely and permanent supply of medicines, as well as adequate treatment for patients suffering from these diseases.

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