Ecuador’s Assembly approves the report for the first debate of the bill for the interruption of pregnancy in cases of rape

The report of the draft Organic Law to guarantee the voluntary interruption of pregnancy in case of rape must go to the plenary session of the Assembly, to know and debate it.

With 8 votes in favor and 2 against, the Justice Commission of the National Assembly approved the report for the first debate of the draft Organic Law to guarantee the voluntary interruption of pregnancy in the event of rape.

The session was installed after 8:30 p.m. and lasted one hour and twenty minutes, in which the members expressed their positions and fundamentals regarding this project.

At the beginning of the procedure, Assemblywoman Gissela Garzón motioned for the vote to be held and the document that guarantees the voluntary interruption of pregnancy in cases of rape be approved.

With some observations regarding expanding concepts such as the timing to interrupt pregnancy in cases of rape, the legislator for the Democratic Left, Dalton Bacigalupo, voted in favor.

Jhajaira Urresta, a legislator for UNES, also voted in favor, emphasizing that the women’s struggle has moved to that legislative table. José Agualsaca, also from UNES, voted in favor of the report.

José Chimbo, from Pachakutik, acknowledged that the document guarantees the right of all girls and women to decide and reviewed various antecedents regarding abortions in the country. After demonstrating, the assemblyman also voted in favor.

The proponent of this report, Assemblywoman Johanna Moreira (ID) also cast her favorable vote, highlighting that the bill transcends personal positions or religious fanaticisms, prioritizing the rights of women and girls.

Subsequently, Assemblywoman Sofía Espín (UNES) criticized that the bill does not include the figure of complaint, in cases of rape. In addition, she claimed that the Commission had not debated article by article, so her vote was against.

In her turn, Gissela Garzón responded to the criticisms of her partner Sofía Espín and argued that the disagreements should be differentiated, with the reality of girls and women. After her words, her vote was in favor.

The assemblyman for Pachakutik, Ricardo Vanegas, also criticized that during the sessions of this legislative table the articles of this law were not addressed or discussed separately, for which he voted against. In addition, after voting, the legislator left the room.

For his part, the assemblyman and president of this commission, Alejandro Jaramillo, questioned that the legislators affirm that there was no discussion or debate, when experts were invited to contribute to the elaboration of this bill. Her vote was in favor.

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