Ecuador registers an increase in complaints for the crime of robbery

Between January and October 2021, the number of complaints filed for the crime of theft increased in all its forms, compared to 2020.

A study carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office, with a cut-off on November 8, 2021, revealed that theft from people increased in that period, reaching 20,364 cases and in 2020, 16,219.

In July 2021, the highest number of complaints filed for robbery was registered (2,282), compared to the other months, being the afternoon time when this crime is most committed, under the modality of assault. 17.2% of robberies occur on Fridays.

Regarding home robberies, there were 5,925 complaints in 2020 and 6,652 this year. Of the analyzed period, it was determined that the month of October 2020 was when more crimes of this type were registered with 756 complaints and 712 in the same month of this year.

Regarding car thefts, the Prosecutor’s Office reported 3,636 cases in 2020 and 5,504, in 2021, being the month of October of this year the one that registered the most complaints with 664.

In relation to motorcycle theft, 7,081 cases occurred until October 2021 and 5,444 in 2020, with July of this year being the most critical with 832 complaints.

The Prosecutor’s Office indicated that the economic units were also victims of theft. Until October of this year, there were 3,788 complaints, while in 2020, 3,296.

Vehicle goods, accessories and auto parts have also been coveted by criminals this year. In relation to 2020 there were 5,014 complaints, in 2021 6,532 were reported.

Regarding robberies to people in the provinces, Guayas leads the list with 40.3% and shares the same percentage, 20.5%, regarding theft from homes. While for car theft, Guayas continues in the first place with 44.6%.

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