Andrés Vallejo will be the new ambassador of Ecuador in Spain

Although the executive decree with the appointment of him has not yet been published, it was known that the authorities of Spain granted the approval for the historic leader of the Democratic Left party, Andrés Vallejo, to be Ecuador’s ambassador in that country.

The former president of Congress and former mayor of Quito confirmed to EL COMERCIO that the approval was received last Thursday. At “the beginning of next year” he said that he would assume his functions as diplomatic representative.

His appointment comes after the Democratic Left supported the economic bill sent by President Guillermo Lasso.

However, in a statement the ID indicated that his appointment was strictly personal.

In addition, he informed that he has requested to limit Vallejo’s participation in the Executive Council and in the Political Commission of the orange party.

The appointment of Vallejo in this Embassy is given in replacement of Pascual del Cioppo, who gave up being ambassador in Spain, precisely after some of his statements caused controversy in the European country. Del Cioppo, now, is Ecuador’s ambassador to Qatar.

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