Ecuador’s Justice Commission will vote on the report of the bill for the interruption of pregnancy in cases of rape

The Justice Commission of the National Assembly will vote on the report for the first debate on the draft Organic Law to guarantee the voluntary interruption of pregnancy in the event of rape.

The session is called for 8:30 p.m., via telematics. The document contains 88 pages and part of the antecedent of the ruling of the Constitutional Court that, on April 28, declared the unconstitutionality of article 150 number 2 of the COIP, which criminalized abortion in cases of rape, thus decriminalizing abortion for all cases in which the pregnancy is the product of rape.

At that time, the constitutional body ordered the Ombudsman’s Office to draft a bill to regulate access to the voluntary interruption of pregnancy service in the event of rape; The same from which the treatment of this bill emerges.

In this report, the legislative board resolves to approve the document, which will be presented to the Plenary of the Legislature for its knowledge and debate.

The speaker of the text is the assembly member for the Democratic Left, Johanna Moreira, who has already alerted, on her Twitter account, to be vigilant of the actions of each of the assembly members who will intervene in this vote.

The Justice Commission is made up of the legislators: Alejandro Jaramillo (ID), president; Dina Farinango (PK), vice president; José Agualsaca (UNES); Dalton Bacigalupo (ID); Second José Chimbo (PK); Sofía Espín (UNES); Fausto Jarrín (UNES); Johanna Moreira (ID); Jhajaira Urresta (UNES); and Ricardo Vanegas (PK).

The preparation of the report also contains the appearances of professors, experts, doctors, lawyers, social groups, who took an active part in the process of forming the law, to guarantee this right to girls and women.

This bill, in chapter one, article eight, establishes that:

«Girls, adolescents, women and pregnant persons whose pregnancy is the product of sexual violence have the right to decide and to access the legal and voluntary interruption of their pregnancy.»

Likewise, in article nine it states that “for the full exercise of the right to decide on the voluntary interruption of pregnancy in the event of rape, the State will guarantee all the facilities and support to the persons protected by this law, in addition to their rights recognized in the Constitution and International Instruments.

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