Alert in Ecuador for falsification of AstraZeneca vaccine

The National Agency for Health Regulation, Control and Surveillance (Arcsa) alerted the Ecuadorian population about the falsification of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, identified in the Western Mediterranean.

This anomaly was detected and reported by the World Health Organization (WHO), which was detected in Iran and notified to the health agency in October 2021.

“The legitimate manufacturer of AstraZeneca’s ANTI-COVID-19 VACCINE (ChAdOx1-S [recombinant]) has confirmed that the product is counterfeit. The notification of this counterfeit product was made from the realm of the users, outside the authorized and regulated supply chains and the authorized vaccination programs in the Islamic Republic of Iran ”, says the Arcsa statement.

Authorities reported that these counterfeit drugs are used vials of genuine AstraZeneca that have been illegally refilled.

«The metal cap of the samples of these counterfeit products shows signs of tampering, which indicates that the metal cap was removed to fill the vials and was subsequently replaced (…)», they detail.

Although these counterfeit vaccines have not been detected in Ecuador, the Arcsa calls on the population to be alert to this type of drug and invites citizens to purchase and verify that all drugs have a current health registration, and that they are only purchased in authorized establishments

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