Ecuador’s Minister of Health confirms an outbreak of coronavirus cases in five provinces of the country

Despite the progress in vaccination coverage against Covid-19 in Ecuador, in five eastern provinces there have been outbreaks of infections, according to the Minister of Health, Ximena Garzón.

Garzón said that this upturn in cases is moderate and the affected provinces are: Morona Santiago, Pastaza, Sucumbíos, Orellana and Zamora Chinchipe, due to the lack of vaccination coverage in these provinces.

«We have a small outbreak and cases of covid that have increased and are requiring hospitalization and Intensive Care Units,» she said.

Likewise, the minister reported on a reappearance of cases in Imbabura. She clarified that this increase in cases does not represent an increase in mortality levels due to the virus.

To avoid a considerable rebound, Garzón called on the communities to go and get vaccinated against Covid-19, since, she explained, it is the people who have not been vaccinated who present these new infections.

On the other hand, she explained that the viral positivity rate is 9%, nationwide; that is, out of every 100 people who have had a PCR swab test for Covid-19, 9% are positive, compared to past weeks in which the positivity rate was 4%.

National vaccination

The Minister of Health explained that more than 13 million people, throughout the Ecuadorian territory, have already received the first dose of vaccines against this disease.

This represents 81% with one dose; while 68% of the population has received the second dose. She added that until the end of November it is expected that 85% will be covered with one dose and in December those pending inoculation will be inoculated with second doses.

Third doses

Regarding vaccination with a third dose or booster dose, Garzón announced that from January 2022 these formulas will be applied to all people who have received the second dose between 6 and 8 months after the first application, under the same strategy of the Vaccination Plan 9/100.

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