Ecuadorian Workers’ Organization demands that President Guillermo Lasso fulfill the promise of the salary increase

Ángel Sánchez, president of the Unitary Workers’ Front (FUT), demands that President Guillermo Lasso fulfill his campaign promise to increase the Unified Basic Salary (SBU) to USD 500, within two years.

The leader said that the FUT does not have a representative on the National Labor Council, the entity that defines the basic salary each year. Therefore, if there is no consensus, it is the Ministry of Labor that sets the amount.

“We don’t have a representative, but we see unfairly that they want to legitimize what is illegitimate,” Sánchez said about the salary agreements.

The SBU has remained at USD 400, since 2020. The FUT’s proposal is that, this year, it increases USD 25 and, after six months, another USD 25. By 2023, in the same way, it increases USD5 every six months.

“They are going to tell us that, as there is no agreement between the government, businessmen or workers, it will be the minister of labor who sets the wages. For this reason, we tell the minister to review the salaries of those who, according to the Humanitarian Law, cut those salaries, «he claimed.

President Guillermo Lasso offered to increase his salary to USD 500 in his four years in office. The union leader, Mesías Tatamuez, recalled this electoral promise. «We tell the President to keep that commitment,» he added.

José Villavicencio claimed that, in six months of government, “there is not the slightest intention to establish a labor policy and even more so a wage policy in our country.

In addition, he criticized that large economic groups, which have made profits in the middle of the pandemic, want to propose that only USD 0.05 cents be raised to the salary.

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