Venezuela rejects US attempt to discredit electoral process

Caracas, Nov 23 (Prensa Latina) The Venezuelan Government rejected the interventionist US statement aimed at discrediting regional and municipal elections held in the South American nation.

In a statement issued by the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, the Bolivarian Executive strongly condemned Washington’s systematic attempt of paying no mind to electoral processes in sovereign countries.

“As electoral results have been released, it is clear enough that the big loser is the US imperialism and its allies in Venezuela who grieved a resounding defeat for turning their backs on the people,” the text read.

In this regard, the Venezuelan government challenged opposition sectors´ stance to implement illegal coercive measures on Venezuela and give in to foreign interests.

The United States queries the legitimacy of elections supported by over 300 international observers, 87 political forces and 67,000 opposition candidates.

“The Venezuelan people, as a sign of their unyielding courage and resistance, took to the streets to vote for peace and reunion and for regaining stability that US interventionism has tried to steal from them.”

In a meddling statement, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken alleged on Monday the existence of alleged irregularities in the November 21 elections as “harassment to opposition, media censorship and other undemocratic tactics.”

Faced with this new provocation, the Bolivarian Government asserted that the Venezuelan people are firmly heading towards the recovery of domestic economy and the strengthening of an independent, sovereign and communal state forged by work and conscience of millions of patriots.

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