Project seeks to recover the original habitat of Floreana Island

The Floreana Ecological Restoration Project will allow the recovery of the island’s original habitat, which has an area of ​​173 square kilometers. The actions carried out by the project are based on the elimination of threats posed by invasive species that, for a long time, have been established and spread in this territory.

At the moment, the progress of the project continues, such as the management strategy of the water sources and, they learned about the infrastructure implemented to mitigate possible risks in agricultural production. In this process, three invasive vertebrate species will be eradicated.

“We have made visible the efforts of all the technicians and experts to be able to restore this important ecosystem in which 13 emblematic species that became locally extinct in Floreana can be reintroduced. The strategies applied will make it possible to avoid extensive grazing that puts the protected area at risk and control the biosecurity of the area, ”said Bianca Dager, Vice Minister of the Environment.

This initiative will reduce land degradation, facilitate forest regeneration, and enhance ecotourism opportunities. Consequently, ecosystem services and agricultural production will be protected by eliminating one of the greatest threats to biodiversity, which is invasive alien species.

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