Legitimacy of opposition leader Romulo Calvo questioned in Bolivia

(Prensa Latina) Bolivian Interior Minister Eduardo del Castillo questioned the legitimacy of the opposition Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee leader Romulo Calvo, whom he described as not very serious and irresponsible, local media highlighted on Sunday.

Calvo, one of the main instigators of strikes against repealed Law 1386 on the Fight against the legitimization of illicit profits and financing of terrorism, assured without presenting any evidence that the Government of President Luis Arce came to power through fraud, ABI news agency reported.

Del Castillo recalled on Facebook that the president won the elections in the first round with more than 50 percent of valid votes, which represented the support of almost 3.4 million Bolivians.

Arce won at the polls in October 2020 amid an atmosphere of tension caused by the threat of a coup organized by authorities of the previous de facto government in the face of their imminent defeat.

However, the minister, quoted by ABI, pointed out, “Calvo is not very serious with such statements, he is a cancer for our society,” Del Castillo wrote on social networks.

Instead, he added, the opposition civic leader was elected to his position by only 284 people behind closed doors, an insignificant number compared to nearly 3.4 million Bolivians who voted for Arce.

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