Venezuelan gov’t denounces planning of terrorist actions from Spain

Caracas, Nov 19 (Prensa Latina) The Venezuelan Government denounced to Spain’s authorities there are terrorists groups in Spanish territory planning violent actions against this South American nation, Foreign Minister Felix Plasencia made public on Friday.

“At the headquarters of the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we delivered a formal note to Spain’s Charge d’Affaires Ramon Santos, with documentation confirming the existence of terrorist gangs in that country, which intend to attack public institutions and the integrity of our officials,” Plasencia wrote on his Twitter account.

Venezuelan intelligence agencies recently neutralized a terrorist cell that intended to sabotage facilities of the National Electoral Council (CNE), located in the state of Miranda.

During a security operation, four individuals, identified as Dimas Gonzalez, Jose Acuña, Francisco Moya and Keiner Gutierrez, were arrested in the nearby area of the CNE warehouse, located in Mariche, in possession of explosive materials and fuel.

The Venezuelan Government pointed out fugitive from justice William Ricardo Sanchez as the administrator and financier of the operation. Sanchez is in Spain and directs the actions in connection with ultra-right leader Leopoldo Lopez, who is also a refugee in that country.

The Venezuelan Government has repeatedly warned about the existence of several violent plans by extremist sectors to sabotage the development of the November 21 regional and municipal elections.

More than 20 million Venezuelans are called to vote to elect the country’s 23 governors and 335 mayors, in addition to the members of regional and municipal legislative councils.

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