Peruvian President calmly takes prosecutor’s inspection at Palace

Lima, Nov 20 (Prensa Latina) An anti-corruption prosecutor entered the Government Palace of Peru Friday for inspection purposes and had facilities for the visit, linked to an investigation into the Secretary of the Presidency, Bruno Pacheco.

“Given the preliminary proceedings of the Prosecutor’s Office and, within the full respect for the justice administration agencies, all the facilities were provided so that the representatives of the Public Ministry could carry out their work,” reported the Presidency.

Prosecutor Marco Huamán arrived with assistants and anti-corruption police asking to inspect the General Secretariat of the Presidency, for an investigation of its owner, Bruno Pacheco, and the guard, after a brief consultation, allowed him to enter.

“I need to meet with the staff of the general secretariat in official investigative acts,” Huamán told the guard amid a swarm of reporters and requested the registry of visits to the Secretariat.

Pacheco resigned hours earlier after serious accusations of managing military promotions and requesting favors for third parties from the Superintendency of Taxes and Customs.

Huamán explained the inspection is motivated by the preliminary investigation opened on Bruno Pacheco for interceding with the aforementioned body, which confirmed the steps.

Prime Minister, Mirtha Vásquez, and the Minister of Economy, Pedro Francke, declared Thursday that the presidential secretary to date should leave office due to the seriousness of the accusations on him.

The resignation was demanded October 8 by the former chiefs of the Army, José Vizcarra, and the Air Force, Jorge Chaparro, of having pressured them to promote to generals three officers linked to the head of state.

The same accusation was launched against the then Defense Minister, Walter Ayala, who, like Pacheco, flatly denied the accusations of the replaced generals.

Ayala defended himself before the parliamentary Defense commission, while Pacheco availed himself of the right to remain silent refusing to appear before the aforementioned commission.

On the other hand, journalistic complaints accused Minister Francke and the head of Justice, Aníbal Torres, of having relatives who have contracts against the State and both gave explanations and clarifications.

In this context, Thursday the Parliament failed due to lack of support to vacate (remove) President Castillo for “permanent moral incapacity”, presented by legislator Patricia Chirinos, from the far-right Avanza País party, led by neoliberal economist Hernando de Soto.

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