Hundreds of students could be left without a place for universities due to lack of budget in Ecuador

Mireya Pazmiño, president of the Economic Regime Commission, highlighted the damage to which Higher Education Institutions would be falling with the budget that the Government of Ecuador plans to allocate to that sector.

She explained that although USD24 million are increased in the proforma, two Universities, Arts and Educators, are also increased, and each one is assigned USD15 million, meaning a cut of 6 million for higher education: “No neither the gratuity nor the compensation is being considered ”.

He explained that the proforma does not consider what was assigned in the last year for Higher Education Institutions, but what has been executed until August 2021, without taking into account that the assignments have not been set to what the law establishes each quarter: «What they have executed is minimal because the budget has not been delivered to them.»

Pazmiño pointed out that USD500 a year was assigned to each student in 2017. If it is considered that each year there is an increase of 100,000 students in the Universities, there would be a shortage of USD55 million to give places to new high school graduates: “It would be impossible to open more places, added to which a cut is made in the hiring of teachers ”.

In addition, she highlighted that the Commission has asked the Government to consider that a barrel of oil is not at USD59.20 as established in the proforma, but is currently at USD82.

She recalled that the self-management of the Institutions, as established by the regulations, should be for public works not for the hiring of teachers, as the official discourse wants to suggest.

On the other hand, he pointed out that observations have been made regarding the collection figures, because while the Internal Revenue Service plans to obtain USD6,000 million, the Ministry of Finance sets a collection for USD5,000 million, leaving a shortfall of USD1 .000 million: «That could not clarify why it differs.»

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