Cristina Peri Rossi winner of the Cervantes Prize 2021

Peri Rossi is the third Uruguayan to receive the award, after Juan Carlos Onetti and Ida Vitale.

Bitácora, is one of the poems of the Uruguayan writer, Cristina Peri Rossi, who is the new winner of the Cervantes 2021 prize.

The jury of the Prize for Literature, the most notorious of letters in Spanish, expressed that they recognize in Peri Rossi “the trajectory of one of the literary vocations of our time and the size of a writer capable of expressing her talent in a plurality of genres ”.

Peri Rossi settled in Barcelona in 1972, when Uruguay was experiencing the months prior to the installation of the military dictatorship. By then, she was 30 years old and she had already published two books of short stories, Viviendo (1963) and Los museos abandonados (1968), and a novel, El libro de mis primos ​​(1969). She spent the rest of her prolific career as a storyteller, poet, essayist, translator, and teacher in Spain.

“Montevideo” is another of her unforgettable poems. In an interview with La Diaria, in 2018, Peri Rossi referred to his writing: “I love structures very much, but I like to vary them and have their correlates, as if creating a puzzle and the reader had to put the pieces together.”

After Juan Carlos Onetti and Ida Vitale, Peri Rossi is the third Uruguayan to receive the award, which awards 125,000 euros.

The jury was made up of José Manuel Sánchez Ron (Royal Spanish Academy), Cristina Maya (Colombian Academy of Language), José Francisco Asís Montero (Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities), Ana Rosa Domenella (Union of Latin American Universities) , Ignacio Peyró (Instituto Cervantes), Laura Revuelta (Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain), Ciro Francisco Bianchi (Latin American Federation of Journalists) and Maja Zovko (International Association of Hispanists).


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