Ecuador registers 87,200 people vaccinated with the third dose against Covid-19

The Ecuadorian Ministry of Public Health (MSP) vaccinated 87,200 people with the booster dose against Covid-19, since last Thursday, November 4. Senior citizens will receive the booster with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The booster is intended only for people over the age of 65, who received the second dose of the vaccine more than six months ago. The third dose application does not have an end date.

The MSP hopes to vaccinate 1.6 million citizens during this new stage of the vaccination plan. In addition, the MSP centers are also serving the laggards.

At the moment, the Health portfolio indicated that there is a contingent of 9 million vaccines in stock.

The provinces with the highest number of older adults who received a booster are:

Pichincha 35 598
Azuay 9 477
Loja 7 326
Guayas 5 150
Manabi 4 535

On the other hand, these are the provinces with the least vaccination of the third dose:

Orellana (138)
Los Ríos (219)
Zamora Chinchipe (289)
Santa Elena (295)
Pastaza (599)

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