Bolivian government signs agreement with families of victims of the October 2019 massacre

The Government of Luis Arce met with survivors and relatives of the victims, including those tortured in the massacres.

The application of immediate justice stands out in the 12-point agreement of the Bolivian government with survivors and victims during the massacres of the coup d’état of November 2019, a local media reported today.

The document, which will be re-evaluated on November 25, includes demands for medical and psychological care for emotional damage, housing and loans, the Vice Minister of Citizen Security, Roberto Ríos, told Bolivia Tv.

The authority highlighted the progress between both parties on these matters, after completing the negotiations between the Executive and the representatives of the Senkata massacres, in the city of El Alto, and Sacaba, in the department of Cochabamba.

“We concluded the meeting with survivors and relatives of the victims, among them, those tortured in the massacres. There is a great advance ”, he stressed.

For his part, the representative of human rights in the city of El Alto, David Inca, highlighted the attention of the Government regarding other demands on work, scholarships and subsidies for the families of the victims of Sacaba.

The activist assured that there are pending points, such as the consolidation of the soft loan plan, an aspect on which there will be details in the coming days, and a meeting with the Plurinational Legislative Assembly is also pending.

Source: Prensa Latina

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