Spanish businessmen would be interested in investing in mining, hydroelectric and hydrocarbon issues in Ecuador

The president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, reported that there is great interest on the part of Spanish businessmen to invest in Ecuador in areas such as minerals, hydrocarbons, energy, wind projects and hydroelectric energy, an aspect that translates into more sources of work. “We have a list of about USD 30,000 million in projects.”

The announcement was made at a meeting he had with more than 250 Ecuadorian migrants living in Spain, where he also spoke about job creation, economic reactivation and his commitment to this sector of the population that due to greater circumstances were forced to leave the country.

“I would like to tell you that we have not forgotten about you, and my promise that the consular service will be in charge of the Ecuadorians who have had so long here remains intact. Also, the promise of creating public policies remains intact so that on their return to Ecuador they benefit from the possibility of taking their household goods and belongings free of tariffs ”.

Precisely in previous days a decree was announced in which the Sopladora Hydroelectric Concession is promoted, for which it is proposed to hold a public tender that will begin at the end of this last quarter.

The president, both in his campaign and in his arrival to the Presidency, has shown his interest in handing over strategic sectors and public companies to private hands, something that has been rejected by a certain sector of the National Assembly.

On the other hand, Lasso assured that the Covid-19 pandemic in Ecuador has been successfully overcome. For this reason, now he will focus on improving the prison system, putting radars throughout the country to strengthen surveillance and, above all, rescuing children and young people from substance use, because “it is a public health problem that we must face (…). This will take several years, but we are going to start with a sense of responsibility with future generations, ”said the president.

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