Argentina’s President pays tribute to Nestor Kirchner

Buenos Aires, Oct 27 (Prensa Latina) Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez paid tribute on Wednesday to former President Nestor Kirchner 11 years after his death, on a video in which he is seen at his side, when he was his Chief of Staff.

‘Eleven years ago, the person who gave the Argentine people a better life and to me, an unparalleled friendship, passed away. His memory guides us and summons us. Today and always, everyone is with Nestor’, the president tweeted on the death anniversary of one of his mentors.

In an interview today with the Cronica anunciada programme, of the Futurock radio, the head of State emphasized that every day that passes, Kirchner’s absence is more noticeable and described him as a politician who was steadfast with those he owed and humane with those who needed him.

He sowed in me convictions and the search for dialogue to make politics, he said after noting, ‘Nestor was politically incorrect. He had a wonderful boldness to change the world, knowing how it works. He was not a utopian, but a rational person who, as he knew the reality, wanted to change it.’

From early morning, followers of Kirchner’s legacy have been paying tribute to him through multiple initiatives and once again call to achieve the unity and social justice for which he fought so hard.

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