President of Ecuador again threatens to activate the Constitution

«If we must grasp the Constitution with force to confront the coup plotters, we will do so,» exclaimed President Guillermo Lasso before a hundred protesters who came to the Plaza Grande to support the President.

The Government measures its strength in the streets, before the call for mobilizations of social organizations that question the management of the President, Guillermo Lasso decided to call his own demonstration.

From very early, this Wednesday, October 20, they came from various cities in the country to exclaim: «Lasso Presidente», «Long live democracy.» They carried flags and the President’s face was on most of the banners held by citizens. In a square with a capacity of more than 4,000 people.

Inside the Carondelet Palace, Guillermo Lasso held a meeting with leaders of the provincial branches of his CREO movement, who expressed their support in the midst of a conflictive political scenario facing the President.

For this afternoon, at 3:00 p.m. the Unitary Front of Workers (FUT) is scheduled to march from the Caja del Seguro, in the north center of the capital, towards the National Assembly to deliver a reform project to the Labor Code, in rejection of the insistence of the Executive to send labor reforms.

«Lasso do not fuck around,» shouted the Minister of Labor, Patricio Donoso, along with the rest of the Ministerial Cabinet. Fausto Cobo, director of Intelligence, was one of the most effusive officials, who encouraged those present to shout in favor of the Head of State.

In his intervention, Lasso referred to the escalation of violence in the country, for which he justified the state of exception decreed for 60 days. «We are going to work for the safety of the town,» he added.

In addition, he warned, once again, with activating the crossed death, established in the Constitution, to dissolve the National Assembly if the bills that he will send in the coming days are not given way.

«This hand will continue to be extended for a democratic dialogue, but if we must grasp the Constitution with force to confront the coup plotters, we will do so with determination and character,» he exclaimed.

He called on legislators who wish to join the dialogues with the Government to discuss labor, tax and economic reforms.

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