Pope Francis calls to solve common problems together

Vatican City, Oct 18 (Prensa Latina) Pope Francis said on Monday that the Covid-19 pandemic proved the importance of being connected, collaborating and solving common problems together.

In a speech to the members of the Biomedical University Foundation, from the Rome Biomedical Campus University, the Supreme Pontiff pointed out that health, especially the Catholic one, needs and will always need to be on a network, which is a way to express what is to be a group.

After highlighting the need to share knowledge, competences and science, Pope Francis noted that he meant science and not just its products which, offered in an isolated way, are like bandages that cover the wound but without deeply curing it.

In this regard, he reiterated the urgency to help countries that have fewer vaccines, but it has to be done with visionary plans, not motivated by the rich nations’ urgency to be safer.

He said that vaccines must be distributed with dignity, not as pious alms, and added that to truly do good, it is necessary to promote science and its comprehensive application, understand contexts, strengthen treatments, increase health culture.

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