President of Ecuador attacks the Assembly and affirms that the return of the Opportunities Law is an «undemocratic» attitude

He reproached that legislators did not read, debate, correct or improve the regulation before returning it.

As detailed by the Ecuadorian President, the Opportunity Creation Law is a regulation that seeks to create jobs and opportunities.

«It cannot be possible for the National Assembly to turn its back on Carlos, turn its back on Natividad, return a fundamental bill without even reading it, without even debating it, without even correcting it, improving it, changing it,» he criticized. .

For Lasso, the position taken by the Legislative Branch «is the most undemocratic attitude that a National Assembly has, which has a legislative branch, which has the obligation to work together with the Government for citizens such as those who live on Mount Sinai.»

During his speech, the President insisted that the National Assembly turns its back on Ecuadorians «for not wanting to deal with a bill to create jobs, to create opportunities, so that a sensitive government like ours can fulfill its offers campaign, 1 percent credit for up to 30 years for small farmers, for women entrepreneurs, for women entrepreneurs ”, he emphasized.

Therefore, he said: «we have to say with a loud shout that we are going to shout for freedom and for the independence of an Assembly that is insensitive and incapable of responding to the needs of the Ecuadorian people.»

On September 29, the Legislative Administration Council (CAL) returned the normative text to the President of the Republic.

The CAL accepted the recommendation of the Legislative Technical Unit, which indicated that the legal body did not comply with the principle of unity of matter, which orders that the content of the law must be on the same subject.

The statements of the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, were made during the visit to Mount Sinaí in Guayaquil, where he gave property titles to 500 families.

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