Ombudsman’s Office rejects the legal possession of weapons in Ecuador

The Ombudsman’s Office reacted after the initiative of the mayor of Guayaquil, Cynthia Viteri, to propose a project, through President Guillermo Lasso, for the free use of weapons in the country, and rejected that this is the solution to counteract insecurity that cross several cities in Ecuador.

Through a statement, the institution highlighted that «the fact of proposing the free carrying of weapons does not constitute a root solution», but rather, it said, «responds to criminal populism and security theories that in practice have not served to prevent crime in any country.

In its pronouncement, the Ombudsman’s Office criticized that the Ecuadorian State has neglected structural problems and has not allocated sufficient resources, nor has it issued a policy to prevent crimes or social rehabilitation, which, it stressed, “has led to the criminalization of poverty. and therefore the non-observance of national and international standards ”.

Thus, faced with the idea of ​​allowing the free use of weapons, the DPE urged, among other things, national and local authorities not to incite citizens to use weapons to provide themselves with false security.

Likewise, it requested not to propose or issue measures based on criminal populism or security theories without a focus on human rights; Thus, he called on the authorities to guarantee security, promote educommunication policies and programs that guarantee human rights, especially the right to a life free of violence and crime.

The Ombudsman’s Office also ruled and urged not to echo these proposals, which it considered unfounded and without a focus on human rights, rehabilitation and social reintegration.

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