Ecuador concerned about the country’s inclusion in the English high-risk list

The Foreign Minister of Ecuador, Mauricio Montalvo, expressed the country’s concern to the United Kingdom Ambassador, Chris Campbell, because the nation is considered on the high-risk destination list by COVID-19.

In a meeting held this Monday, October 11, Montalvo pointed out that Ecuador’s concern arises because, despite the vaccination plan against COVID19, the country continues on that payroll.

«We agreed on the information delivery mechanism so that our country is removed from said list in the shortest time possible,» said Montalvo.

On his side, the British Ambassador shares the same vision of Ecuador and warned that «it will leave the red list.»

For Campbell, Ecuador must share all the information in this regard.

«I hosted a meeting between our medical experts on Friday.»

Ecuador is part of the red list of risk destinations for COVID19 along with Venezuela, Peru, Panama, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Colombia.

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