Constitutional Court of Ecuador declares constitutionality of a state of exception in the prison system and asks to guarantee the rights of Persons Deprived of Liberty

The Constitutional Court issued a favorable opinion of constitutionality to the state of exception in the entire social rehabilitation system of the country, in the context of the prison crisis, declared on September 29 by President Guillermo Lasso.

In its resolution, the constitutional body clarified that the mobilization and participation of the Armed Forces in the control of the security of the Centers of Deprivation of Liberty, must be carried out in the outer perimeter, including the first filter of entry of all prisons.

The court made a call to guarantee the rights of all persons deprived of liberty established in the Constitution and emphasized that the State cannot pursue any other purpose than to fulfill the constitutional promise of rehabilitating the person and reintegrating them into society.

It also ordered the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, to submit a report on the measures adopted to resolve this crisis; as well as to the Ombudsman’s Office to follow up on the implementation of the measures provided in the declaration of a state of exception contained in Executive Decree No. 210 and to report, at the end of the state of exception, to the Constitutional Court in this regard.

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