Carlos Rabascall ratifies his candidacy for the presidency of Ecuador

The former vice-presidential candidate, Carlos Rabascall, ratified his presidential candidacy for the 2025 elections, by the Democratic Center in alliance with the Surgente movement.

The former candidate explained that he has spoken with Rafael Correa about this proposal from the Democratic Center to Rabascall; however, he said, the priority is building a progressive front.

«I have not said that I have spoken with the Citizen Revolution, I have said that I said that I have spoken with Rafael. He wrote to me, we spoke on the phone, «he commented.

In this sense, Rabascall reported that the Democratic Center proposed him the pre-candidacy for the 2025 elections. Proposal to which he yielded:

«Democratic Center proposed to me the candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic for 2025 and from the beginning I have accepted it. But being a candidate is not being a candidate. At first I did accept it. I am a candidate for the Democratic Center in alliance with Surgente, «he said.

On the other hand, on the case of the Pandora Papers, the former president questioned that what is not clear is what has been done with the proceeds of the liquidations of the 10 offshore companies that President Guillermo Lasso had in Panama and the United States.

“Two types of offenses could be presented here, tax evasion and prejudice. The issue is sensitive, but due process must be followed. However, there are indications why the Comptroller’s Office, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Assembly should act, ”he pointed out.
Source: Sonorama

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