BBC: Many Ecuadorian media have given little coverage to Pandora Papers

In a report by the English channel BBC, it is reported that many Ecuadorian media have given «little coverage» to the journalistic investigation Pandora Papers, involving the Ecuadorian president, Guillermo Lasso, who replaced a Panamanian foundation that made monthly payments to his close family by a trust based in South Dakota, in the United States, in 2017.

The BBC assured that Pandora Papers have made headlines around the world. But he asked: how are the reports in some of the countries where the financial transactions of the leaders have been exposed?

In the case of Ecuador, the news item involving the president is the main headline on the website of the newspaper Expreso, but many Ecuadorian media have given it little coverage, the BBC reported.

The website of the newspaper El Universo published the findings about the president on its front page, but focused mainly on the revelation that Spanish singer Julio Iglesias, a star in Latin America, has a ‘real estate empire’ in Florida worth estimated up to $ 120 million ”, he reported.

The Ecuadorian president responded to the leaking of documents, stating that all his investments, inside and outside Ecuador, were legal.

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