41% of Ecuadorians believe that large companies have power, according to Latinobarómetro

Peru has 55%, El Salvador 49% and Chile 48%

In the Latinobarometer 2021 study, the perception of Latin Americans about who has more power in the country was consulted, Ecuador obtained 41 percent when stating that they are large companies.

In the interviews it was asked: Who do you think has more power in (Country)? In the answers: «Large Companies» or Multiple Answers, Ecuador ranks fifth with 41 percent.

The power of large companies declines in 2020 and reaches its lowest point since 1995 at 37%, eight percentage points less than the highest point of 45% in 2018.

The countries in the region where large companies are perceived to be more powerful are Peru (55%), El Salvador (49%) and Chile (48%). Ecuador ranks fifth (41%).

In contrast, Nicaragua and Venezuela are the two countries where large companies are perceived to be less powerful: 19% and 21%, respectively.

The power that people perceive from companies is a power that intervenes in the sovereign power chosen by the people, taking power away from democracy, since that business power can direct the course of events for its own benefits.

Latin America has suffered the scourge of corruption, with more than 20 former presidents involved in corruption with large companies, among which Odebrecht stands out, but it is not the only one.

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