Snowden weighs in on temporary social media blackout

Moscow, Oct 5 (Prensa Latina) Edward Snowden, US computer expert who has been granted political asylum in Russia, invited his audience on Twitter to reflect on the future of Internet and social networks should it disappear, local media highlighted.

‘Internet giants are disconnected today and never come back. What would happen tomorrow?’, the former analyst of the US National Security Agency (NSA) asked, regarding the temporary global Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp blackout on Monday.

To the question, Mr. Snowden prepared two answers for his readers to choose: ‘The Golden Age is dawning’ or ‘Collapse: we have rats for dinner.’ On Monday, a total of 119,516 people voted, 79.7% in favor of first option.

About the massive blackout on social media, Snowden published that it is ‘an easily understandable and popular example of why dividing a certain monopoly into at least three parts might not be a bad idea.’

Two hours before launching the survey, Snowden said that ‘Facebook and Instagram are mysteriously disconnected and, during a magnificent day, the world becomes a healthier place.’

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