President Lasso confirmed that he had investments in tax havens, but these were closed in 2017

«It is absolutely correct that years ago I had legitimate investments in other countries, and it has always been public,» he stressed in his speech.

The President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, spoke about the Pandora Papers and their involvement in this leak of documents. In this sense, he confirmed that he had «legitimate investments» in countries and territories considered as tax havens, but asserted that he got rid of all that in 2017.

Lasso explained that it is public that, when the 2017 law was created that prevents candidates from having investments or companies in tax havens, these companies closed to run for President. «I did it in a withering way, without any kind of protest, delay, or objection.»

In the same way, the President explained that it should not be questioned where their resources go, but where the money that those bad politicians abroad have comes from. «They have known me for decades and they know very well where my income comes from,» he said.

In addition, he indicated that the news should not be that Guillermo Lasso appears in the Pandora Papers, but that the news should be that Guillermo Lasso is just one of the few leaders who complied with the law by getting rid of his investments.

«That no one intends to tarnish a neat life of service to the citizenry by the simple fact that his name appeared in a few old and decontextualized information.»

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