Two Ministers summoned in Brazil due to financial scandal

Brasilia oct 4 (Prensa Latina)The leader of the opposition in the Chamber of Deputies, Alessandro Molon, decided to summon two high-ranking Brazilian officials to the Prosecutor’s Office for misconduct for allegedly hiding financial resources in tax havens, it was learned today.

According to the news portal Brazil 247, the parlamentarian mentioned the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes and the President of the Central Bank (position with ministerial status), Roberto Campos Neto, who possibly concealed their assets to avoid control and taxes.

The day before, the so-called Pandora’s Papers scandal came out due to the work of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which uncovered the web of trusts and shell companies of hundreds of billionaires in places such as the British Virgin Islands.

‘It is a scandal, it is very serious. It flagrantly violates article five of the code of conduct of the high federal administration and, therefore, should lead to the minister’s resignation,’ Molon said.

He announced that the opposition will also propose that Guedes and the head of the finance company be summoned to the lower house to give explanations and file a complaint with the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office or an administrative impropriety against both of them.

The two Brazilian officials declared that their private activities did not break any law since the national tax authorities and the Public Ethics Commission have been informed about them.

As the offshore companies are usually located in countries with low transparency and supervision they are usually used by criminals and by those who want to hide their assets.

The investigation brought about a number of reports that started to be published after Sunday in several media: Washington Post, Le Monde, El País, The Guardian and the BBC, among others.

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