UN Ecuador demands prompt and impartial investigation into Ecuadorian prison massacre

International organization pledges its help to promote comprehensive prison reform

Following the massacre at the Litoral Penitentiary, the United Nations System in Ecuador called for a prompt and impartial investigation into the acts of violence, which have left 118 murdered and 78 injured.

UN Ecuador called for speed in the investigations into the clashes that took place last Tuesday and Wednesday in the Guayaquil jail.

“A management of the crisis in accordance with international standards of human rights, crime prevention and criminal justice,” he requested.

The United Nations System in Ecuador expressed its solidarity with the families of deceased and injured persons deprived of liberty.

“It has reiterated to the national authorities its commitment to accompany and provide technical assistance to promote a comprehensive prison reform that addresses structural causes and involves the State, academia, civil society, associations of relatives of persons deprived of liberty, and to all interested stakeholders, ”he indicated.

At the moment, the Ecuadorian Police, with its Criminalistics area, has recognized 41 corpses of the 118 because many of those killed were burned or beheaded.

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