Trial hearing against the former ombudsman of Ecuador was suspended

The trial hearing against the former Ombudsman Fredy Carrión was suspended on the morning of this Friday, October 1, 2021, due to incidents in the diligence.

The hearing began at 08:00, however it lasted 50 minutes due to this altercation with the defense of Carrión Intriago, as reported by the State Attorney General’s Office.

However, the defense of the former defender, Angélica Porras, explained that this procedure was suspended after insisting on the deferral due to the change of lawyers.

«We, who are the new defense, joined it on September 29; that is, in just one day we were not prepared to carry out the defense, ”she explained.

She explained that impeachment is not the same as criminal trial and added: “Criminal trial has technicalities. The trial hearing supposes the performance of the evidence and we did not know the two bodies that were in the hands of the National Court.

For its part, the Prosecutor’s Office indicated that the procedure was suspended due to incidents caused by the defense of the accused. In addition, the institution reported that the Court decided to sanction Carrión’s defense for these altercations.

The hearing will be reinstated at 09:00 on Thursday, October 14.

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