US border guards’ treatment of Haitians described as manhunt

Port-au-Prince, Sep 22 (Prensa Latina) The Center for Human Rights Research and Analysis (CARDH) on Wednesday described the actions by agents from the United States against Haitian migrants who have been on the south border for days as a manhunt.

The platform criticized the border guards’ chase on horseback after Haitians who illegally crossed the border, and called to respect these people’s human rights.

The CARDH recommended US President Joe Biden a moratorium on mass deportation until the sociopolitical situation in Haiti, marked by the rapid deterioration of living conditions, political instability, increased crime, particularly tortures, rapes and murders, improves.

The organization acknowledges people’s rights to self-determination and every country’s freedom to outline their migration and domestic security policies; however, human dignity, human rights principles (equality, non-discrimination) and international morality must be respected.

On Tuesday, the state-run Office for Citizen’s Protection criticized how Haitians are being treated on the US south border and called on authorities to seek solutions between the governments involved.

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