Guillermo Lasso offers 2 million jobs until the end of his term

President Lasso announced that his government is working on a foreign investment project that would be around USD 30,000 million, in order to achieve economic growth of 5 points in his last two years in office. With this, he hopes to generate 2 million jobs, until the end of his term.

In the same way, the President referred to the new agreement that Ecuador reached with the IMF. According to him, the agency was very flexible to renegotiate the adjustment terms and allowed the cuts to be made on 0.7% of GDP and not on 2.5%, as was proposed by the Government of Lenín Moreno.

“The Plan agreed in the Government prior to mine with the IMF required by 2022 a tax reform equivalent to 2.5 points of GDP, that is, approximately USD 2.5 billion. The agreement we are negotiating is 0.7% of GDP. There was great flexibility in the negotiation ”.

To conclude, Lasso assured that they are also working on reducing the deficit by approximately 2.8 points of GDP.

«In the coming years they will see how my government will meet the objective of creating a fiscal surplus and we will not depend on liabilities, IMF debt or markets.»

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