Lopez Obrador stands for replacing statue of Christopher Columbus

Mexico, Sep 8 (Prensa Latina) Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stood on Wednesday for the decision to replace the statue of Christopher Columbus on ‘Paseo de la Reforma’ by a sculpture dedicated to indigenous women.
The president recalled that the Hispanic presence in Mexico has 500 years of history, 300 years of domination and 200 years of independence, but how many years of cultural development this country had had since 900 years before the Spaniards’ arrival and even further back 400 years before Christ.

Lopez Obrador said that since then there was already an indigenous market, and excellent paintings that have been preserved and we take care of them. There are others referring to indigenous women that are works of art. Why not highlight them, exalt that, some that are up to 2,400 years old? He wondered.

Columbus is important, it means 500 years, but the nation has much more and that is Mexico’s greatness. The good things we have today we inherited to a large extent before the Spaniards, but we must admit many good things were also done by the Conquistadors.

The president invited those interested in visiting Oaxaca to see what we inherited from the native peoples, the customs, how they take care of nature and respect the elderly and children, and how they provide services to the community and respect one another.

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