Ecuador registers a steep drop in excess deaths since June, according to the Minister of health

The Minister of Health, Ximena Garzón, announced that one of the most important results has been the abrupt drop in the excess death curve, which is evident in June and July of this year, when more than 10 million people have been vaccinated. .

Garzón presented the report on the results of the state of emergency of these 15 days in Guayaquil and El Oro, due to the delta variant. She reiterated that it was a timely measure so there was no exponential outbreak.

She said that more than 84% of the population over 65 is already vaccinated. Once they receive the second dose and the 14 days have passed, this province could gradually get out of the restrictions that President Guillermo Lasso extended for another 30 days.

She clarified that only in El Oro the transmission of the variants is community, while in the other provinces there are ‘clusters’; that is to say, groups of contagions located and that have been identified in time, applying the epidemiological fence that, at the national level, reaches 175 people. She even said that in Pichincha the cases were identified at the airport and they were isolated, so there are no new cases outside the fence.

Garzón explained that there are some variants of concern and that they are the most contagious: alpha, delta, delta plus and range. While the variants that are already transmitted in a community way and their contagion is less, are the burbot and landa. Given the presence of a variant of Colombia, the minister explained that they are variants that are not more contagious, so it is not classified as a variant of interest or concern, as well as others that may circulate in the country.

The minister also announced that they will initiate a plan to vaccinate 800,000 people in the peripheral areas of 17 provinces.

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