Doctors ask to postpone the progressive return to face-to-face work until September in Ecuador due to Delta variant

After detecting two cases of the Delta variant of the coronavirus in Quito, the College of Physicians of Pichincha expressed concern about the spread of this variant and requested preventive measures from the authorities of the Cantonal COE, and the Ministries of Health and Labor.

The doctors reported that there has been an increase in the demand for hospital beds in the Quito hospital network, most of them, they pointed out, are people under 50 years of age.

They also explained that in the capital of the country the level of contagion of Covid-19 has increased, so they did not rule out the existence of more Delta cases in the city.

In this way, they asked the Metropolitan COE to take measures such as reducing capacity in open and closed spaces; reduce the capacity to 50% in public transport.

Likewise, they asked the Ministry of Labor to postpone the progressive return in person to public and private institutions, for the first days of September, since by that date there will be a greater number of people vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Finally, they urged the national government to carry out a campaign so that people go to be vaccinated and reduce the transmission capacity of the virus.

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