Mali’s acting president escapes assassination attempt

(Prensa Latina) An unknown number of men of unknown membership tried to kill Mali’s acting president, Colonel Assimi Goita, today while he was praying at the great mosque of this capital, unofficial sources said.

The president was praying the Eid El Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice), with which Muslims commemorate the occasion when archangel Gabriel prevented the beheading of Ismail, first-born of Abraham (Ibrahim for the Arabs), ordered by Allah as obedience test.

The story released by the press reports that one of the conspirators pounced on Goita in the middle of a crowd of worshippers, but was controlled and led along with another conspirator to an unknown place, according to testimonies.

This West African Mediterranean country is going through an agitated phase after last May’s coup, the second in a year.

The military team headed by Colonel Goita agreed with the Economic Community of West African States to create conditions for holding democratic elections within 18 months.

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