13 Ecuadorians have disappeared at the borders for fulfilling the American dream in 2021

The North American organization 1800Migrante.com counts 144 Ecuadorian migrants disappeared at the borders in the last 12 years, but only in 2021 there are already 13 missing persons.

Alicia Calle laments the disappearance of her brothers and her sister-in-law in the Bahamas. They have not had any information for four months and each one paid USD 15,000 to the coyoteros for the trip.

The native woman from Chordeleg, in Azuay, says that her relatives disappeared in her attempt to reach the United States to fulfill the American dream.

On March 6, they took a route that the coyoteros are frequently using again, the Caribbean. A journey that includes traveling by plane from Ecuador to Panama, then flying or cruising to the Bahamas and crossing in supposed high-speed boats to Miami, Florida.

The five lost compatriots are part of the list that the 1800Migrante.com organization has that collaborates with the families of the disappeared at the borders.

The entity indicated that of the 15 Ecuadorians who had been lost this year, two were located. The discovery was made through border patrols.

Gladis Mainato, sister of Luis Mainato, another migrant who disappeared in Mexico, says that her brother, a 23-year-old from Cañar, was forced to give up his life due to lack of money since his father who lives in the United States could not send him more after losing their income due to the pandemic.

The route taken by Maniato, who traveled alone on February 15, was from Cañar to Quito and then flew to Mexico. He first arrived in Cancun and then Monterrey, from where he went to Piedras Negras and then crossing the Rio Grande and arriving in Texas, something that his relatives do not know if it happened or not. He also paid $ 15,000.

Since Mexico granted the immigration benefit of not requesting a visa to Ecuadorians to enter the country, the arrival of migrants due to apparent tourism that aims to reach the United States illegally has increased.

Family members ask the authorities for help to find their loved ones and they do so through the Foreign Ministry.

Lawyer William Murillo, spokesman for 1800Migrante.com explains that the situation is not going to stop because there are Ecuadorians who continue to leave the country every time and rather qualifies this situation as a humanitarian crisis and urges the State to take action.

The organization’s spokesperson, which helps families free of charge, says that they have issued warnings to the Government of Mexico about the kidnappings, crimes, rapes and murders faced by migrants who are in transit through that country, but who have not received any kind of response.

According to Murillo, the Mexican route is becoming a real national security problem for Mexico and does not rule out international legal action against that country for the serious violations that are committed.

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