Waterway might generate millions in income a year in Bolivia

(Prensa Latina) Bolivian Minister of Public Works Edgar Montaño remarked that the start-up of the Ichilo-Mamore Waterway is estimated to generate one billion dollars in annual profits, ABI news agency reported.

Mondaño noted that the project will benefit not only the department of Beni, but also Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Pando and the entire country with the circulation of salt, potassium chloride, common salt for cattle, phosphorus, urea and soy, among other items.

The official made these statements in response to the Secretary General of the Government of Beni, Miguel Angel Ruiz, who said last Friday that this river project would not leave profits to the department and that it will only benefit Cochabamba.

On the other hand, Montaño stressed that the waterway will reduce the expenses budgeted by the Autonomous Departmental Government of Beni for the construction of works, since the transfer of materials (bricks, cement and others) will be more frequent and at a lower price.

He announced that the national government is working on the development of a study to identify the ports that will be strengthened with their construction, dredging, signaling and telecommunications.

The Ichilo-Marmore waterway is nearly 1,400 kilometers long and guarantees Bolivia’s access to the Atlantic Ocean.

It starts in Puerto Villarroel (Cochabamba), goes through Puerto Siles, between Yacuma and Mamore (Beni) and ends in Puerto Sucre, in the municipality of Guayaramerin, on the border with Brazil.

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