President of Ecuador will participate in the meeting of the Andean Presidential Council in Colombia

Through an official letter dated July 14 addressed to the head of the National Assembly, Guadalupe Llori, the President of the Republic of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, reported that he will leave the country on July 17 to participate in the XXI Meeting of the Andean Presidential Council, to be held in Colombia.

In the official letter, the president clarified that the event will take place in Bogotá and that he will return to the country the same day.

The Andean Presidential Council is the highest organ of the Andean Integration System that exercises the direction of political decision. It was created on May 23, 1990 and its members are the heads of state of Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

One of the functions of the organization is to define the Andean subregional integration policies and guide and promote actions in matters of interest to the subregion as a whole.

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