Covid-19 Delta variant dominates in UK

(Prensa Latina) The Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, initially identified in India, currently represents almost 99 percent of the Covid-19 cases detected in the United Kingdom, Health authorities confirmed.

According to the official report, 36,800 new contagions with that strain were detected last week, totaling 253,049 since it broke out in the country in April, and a 17-percent rise compared to the figure recorded 14 days ago.

The high prevalence of the Delta variant, much more contagious than that identified in Kent, England, already forced the British Government in June to postpone its plans to lift all current Covid restrictions.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed last week that as of Monday, July 19, the mandatory wear of facemask in public transport and indoor places, and social distancing measures, will be lifted.

According to the Conservative Party leader, the population will have to learn to live with the virus and trust that vaccination will help prevent hospitalizations and deaths.

So far, 46.1 million people over 18 years of age have been administrated the first dose of the vaccine and 35.4 million, equivalent to 67.1 percent of adults in the country, have already received the two doses.

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