Internet blackout paralyzes airlines and bank services

 (Prensa Latina) Another global internet blackout affected today some Stock platforms, banks and airlines, this is the second failure of that kind worldwide in a little over a week.

According to Downdetector net monitoring service, US flight airlines American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines experienced a fall in their operations.

About a thousand clients reported problems with Southwest Airlines´ web, which cancelled nearly 300 flights on Wednesdayand delayed over a 500 per day, after the temporary stop of their operations, besides, some 400 passengers reported interruptions on Delta Airline´s site, Downdetector reported.

Likewise, Virgin Australia airline, as well as the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Hong Kong stock exchange were affected by the digital blackout.

The interruption in internet happened 10 days after another suffered by another of the biggest global digital services suppliers, Fastly, which caused dozens of internet sites to run totally or partially out of service for hours.

Among the affected ones are The New York Times, The Guardian, Financial Times and Le Monde newspapers, and platforms like Amazon or Twitch.

According to US media, the problem would have originated in internet service supplier company Akamai, based in Massachusetts, USA.

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