In August a massive vaccination would be given to immunize 12 million Ecuadorians

President Lasso’s advisor, Carlos Cueva, indicated that until August the expectation of 9 million vaccinated in 100 days, proposed by the President during the campaign, could be exceeded and, if the pharmaceutical companies comply with the deliveries, it would reach 12 million Ecuadorians inoculated.

Cueva announced that they could have 24 million doses available throughout the country until August, so that 12 million Ecuadorians could be inoculated massively

“In August a massive vaccination can be done with a CNE-type call; that is to say, in all the electoral precincts, there is probably a very large campaign and it is possible to leave far away places 100%.

The presidential advisor acknowledged that to meet this objective it is important that the pharmaceutical company CanSino send its vaccine in the coming months; since, it would be planned to use it in distant parts of the country and take advantage of its effectiveness in a single dose.

“Hopefully CanSino arrives, which is the key to inoculating people who live in distant places. That would help us and we would focus on big cities. «

On the other hand, he announced that in the meetings with the Business Committee it was established that the donations that the private company would deliver would be supplies and sanitary material used in the vaccination process, because they cannot import vaccines directly. .

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