Ecuador has 40 million vaccines negotiated by 2021, according to presidential adviser

Carlos Cueva, advisor to the president on vaccination issues against COVID-19, assured that Ecuador has already negotiated the arrival of 40 million vaccines for this 2021, with which it would be possible to inoculate 130% of the population, if all the pharmaceutical companies meet scheduled deliveries.

Cueva explained that there are approximately 17 million people in the country, for which about 35 million vaccines would be needed to immunize all Ecuadorians, but, for now, they have already negotiated the arrival of 40 million vaccines until end of the year.

“With Pfizer we have negotiated 8 million vaccines; 6 million with CanSino; 5 million with Sinovac; With the Covax mechanism, 7 million will arrive and we are finalizing more agreements with other pharmaceutical companies ”.

In the same way, he explained that the Government has already signed a pre-agreement with Russia for the delivery of 2 million vaccines in July and August, but with the pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson a deal has not yet been finalized, since they asked for a special guarantee.

To conclude, Cueva explained that the Russian pharmaceutical company must ensure the delivery of more vaccines for the country and, with that, it is possible to advance in a larger negotiation, which could reach the 18 million vaccines that President Lasso announced.

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