Minister of Health says «I will be the first Ecuadorian to be vaccinated with CanSino»

«I will be the first Ecuadorian to be vaccinated with CanSino, because we have to be completely sure of its effectiveness,» said the Minister of Health, Ximena Garzón, this Tuesday, June 15, during a conversation with the media.

She gave these statements after being consulted about the effectiveness of the Covidecia vaccine (Ad5-nCoV), from the Chinese laboratory CanSino, with which the Ecuadorian government negotiated the acquisition of six million doses and which will arrive in the country in the coming weeks. .

Garzón explained that this drug against Covid-19 has been authorized internationally and there are scientific documents that support its effectiveness. Likewise, she clarified that this vaccine has been approved in Mexico and Chile.

«It is a completely safe vaccine and it has scientific support and it is being applied to populations in a massive way and it has excellent efficacy,» she added.

Regarding the negotiations with the pharmaceutical company Jhonson & Jhonson for the acquisition of its Janssen vaccine, the minister said that these agreements are in process and depend on the availability of doses that this laboratory has, as well as the conditions of these negotiations.

“They ask for a guarantee fund of a few million dollars, which is not easy to fulfill. Let’s see what the terms of the negotiation are, «she said.

In addition, she indicated that they maintain dialogues with the Government of Russia, for the purchase of 18 million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine.

On the other hand, the Secretary of State stressed that there have been interests and approaches by pharmaceutical companies to set up a vaccine factory in Ecuador.

«Our interest is to strengthen the Izquieta Pérez Health Research Institute, so that we are our own vaccine producers,» she added.

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