Germany calls to restore EU alliance with US

 (Prensa Latina) Germany on Friday called to completely restore the alliance between the European Union (EU) and the United States, amid the differences left as a legacy by Republican Donald Trump, an official source stated on Friday.

This gains especial relevance, when tensions in the relations with Russia and China increase, German Government coordinator for transatlantic cooperation Peter Beyer said, quoted by T-online.

Media highlighted in Berlin the trade war unleashed at the time by Trump against China and the disinformation campaign in Europe to place Russia as a threat to that region.

After taking office, US President Joseph Biden, who is on a tour of Europe, should have restored his country’s participation in the Paris Agreement on climate change, from which Trump withdrew at the time.

Although Beyer spoke out for optimal relations with Russia and a common position regarding China, he considered necessary to seek collaboration with those two countries where possible and ‘confrontation where necessary.’

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