Bolivian justice brings six actions against dirty former minister

(Prensa Latina) Bolivia´s judicial authorities on Wednesday brought six actions against former Government Minister Arturo Murillo for corruption crimes under Jeannine Añez, the government confirmed.

Bolivian Prosecutor’s Office accused Murillo of bribery, money laundering and being member of an international mafia clan linked to the Tear Gas case, Roberto Ríos, Deputy Minister of Citizen Security, said.

Murillo, who is also facing 30 administrative charges, committed crimes by purchasing these anti-riot media (tear gas) through an intermediary company.

‘In the case of Murillo, as the Ministry of Government, we have sued in six criminal proceedings, not excluding new trials that involve him,’ Roberto Ríos said.

US Justice reported in May about Murillo´s arrest, along with former officials and accomplices including Rodrigo Méndez, Luis Berkman, Bryan Berkman and Philip Lichtenfeld, for bribery crimes committed from November 2019 to April 2020.

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